Content Management: Why they say “Content is King”?

Web content as we know it, has changed tremendously in the past few years. It is now vital to ranking higher in search results.

Because digital marketing relied heavily on SEO, search result rankings dropped drastically when Google introduced the Panda update to its algorithm. The update made unbelievable changes. Those websites that were once displayed on the first page of search engines were nowhere to be found within the first 10 results.

The importance of unique content

The Panda update was introduced to filter out low quality content. The algorithm just took out redundant and overlapping content, and emphasized more on websites that had unique, high quality content. For this purpose, copywriting turned to the Google Webmaster guidelines to seek help on producing this kind of content. In those days content spinning and farming were used to rank higher. But those techniques won’t work anymore. Nowadays, writers rely on technical writing for creating content of very high quality. Else they would become a spammer.

Google’s bots now focus on informative and authoritative content. It all comes down to how exceptional one is, as a writer.

Web Content Management: How it helps?

Web Content Management comes into the picture, when producing original content. It involves producing unique, keyword-rich articles, for both human readers and Google Bots alike. This means placing keywords throughout the blog, in a smart way, keeping the keyword density in mind. Furthermore, there must be a natural, logical flow to the article, using the keywords in a strategic manner, and not just to rank higher.

Besides web content, blogging is also integral to content management. However, writing a blog is quite different from writing other forms of writing such as copywriting or technical writing in terms of tone. Blogging entices readers and hooks them up personally. So, it is worthwhile to write blogs in a tone that is engaging and makes the readers want to read, all the more. To get a blog going, it must not only be informative, it should also be updated on a regular basis and relate to the organization’s target market. 

Web Content Management: Why outsource it?

Like many of the businesses processes which are outsourced today, as is the case with web content management. The process of web content management involves creating, managing and posting quality content on the organization’s website. With Web Content Management being outsourced, companies can focus on the bigger picture, while ensuring quality content as well as other media on their web pages, thereby increasing its popularity.

In addition, clients can rest assure that their content is written by experts who have extensive knowledge of the business and editorial rules. They also edit and proofread the articles before they are published, so that it serves the purpose.

Some web content management tips

Web content management is not just about creating a website. Or populating it with content of all sorts, for that matter. It’s also about managing and updating the website with fresh content on a regular basis.

So, here are some tips you could use.


There’s no quality content without research. So, research is crucial to web content management. There will always be something new, and there’s no better way to find it than pure research.


As discussed earlier, Google’s rules on quality content are stricter than ever before. So, before you post anything, especially articles, make sure it’s free of grammatical, factual and spelling errors. Proofread them, and publish only once you know that they are flawless. This holds good for all those backlinks as well. They need to be of very high quality too, as they point directly to your website’s main page.


Use high search rated keywords found on Google AdWords. Quality keywords gives you an edge in rankings when used in the right places.


Don’t be afraid to innovate. Keep experimenting with new techniques. Carry out research on what your visitors are interested in.

So, in all, these are some of the web content marketing strategies you can use to rank higher on SERPs, get more website visitors and loyal customers. It just goes to show you, when it comes to internet marketing, content is indeed king. It is the most important aspect of digital marketing.


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