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Web technology has taken a huge leap forward in the last few years. Thanks to this boom, companies can now get online quite comfortably. Solid web development frameworks such as CakePHP and Joomla! are fun to mess around with, when it comes to developing creative, compelling websites that can generate a ton of revenue!

Keyword optimization for Vancouver

Let’s say you own some sort of business in Vancouver. You will need to come up on page one of Google search results when someone types the keyword related to your business. In other words, whatever business you are in, you should always come to the top three results of the first page. And this is only for the keywords that describe your business.

But that’s as easy as it gets. For the best results, you need both on-page and off-page optimization. Moreover, the website should contain keyword-rich articles on every landing page. And it doesn’t stop there! You also have to code the website correctly. Make sure your URLs are properly titled and optimized.

Once you are done with that, you’re halfway through. The next thing you need is targeted backlinks.

Backlinks: The backbone of off-page optimization

Earlier, it used was easier to get those solid backlinks that helped the site rank higher. Although it took some amount of work, it was relatively less complicated to drop those links off in forums, post comments, give them in general directories and much more. However, that is not the case today.

With changes introduced in Google’s Algorithms, links that used to work just four years ago, they won’t work anymore! Google has eliminated more than half of the existing linking strategies. Today, it takes a lot of work to get this done.

Let’s face it! It takes a lot of effort to get to the first page. And much more to get to the first result. And there is no guarantee that your website will be on the first page in the first place! However, what you can do with proper techniques is put yours or your client’s website in the best place possible.

Why outsource SEO?

Let’s say you’re not a creative copywriter. Or a Digital Marketing Specialist for that matter. Then there’s all the more reason for me to say that you will have to spend several hours on research and a couple more on creating and marketing content for your business. That’s where professionals and digital marketing agencies come into the picture.

A local SEO company employs professionals such as content writers, sales staff, web designers, coders and customer service representatives among others to do all the hard work to get your site onto that first page. Of course, you will need to sign a contract with them first.

It’s really no surprise they charge you by the dime. However, the reality is that they come up with no results for the first six months. Or should I say, they can’t? What I mean to say is, it takes months of hard work to get your site to the first place. And full staff support with everyone working together in coördination. And what do they have to do after all this work? They just have to make sure your site remains in the first search result, once it gets there.

SEO tactics for Vancouver

Vancouver may be a small city, but it does have many areas. And one should keep this in mind when optimizing the website for his business. You might also want to use a different technique for Vancouver than you would for a large metropolis like LA. You also need to find a local SEO company, who are familiar with the area you target.

The next thing you might want to look at is whether the company has separate departments for different operations. That is, whether the company use specialists from different fields such as content writing, digital marketing, and various other departments.

Implementing SEO strategies in a city like Vancouver can be hard. This is due to the competition other large cities offer. And finding a good SEO company is even harder. There might be only 2 or 3 in the city, as compared to larger cities which have more. And then there are other cities which have the same name. So, it’s important to distinguish between them while coding and link building.

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