Difference between Organic traffic and paid traffic?

Traffic generation is the most important part of internet marketing. All businesses need to generate leads. And leads come from website traffic.
So, all online marketers need to generate traffic to their websites. Web traffic is of two types:

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is crucial to a business. It’s the fastest way to gain prospective customers and usually comes from online and offline advertising.
Online advertising such as Pay Per Click or Email advertising, banner advertising, etc. send out messages or images targeted to specific groups of people, that are likely to click on your links and review information and offers on your website. This technique used to generate traffic, using paid advertising methods, usually called “Direct Response Marketing” is simple but effective.

Organic Traffic

This kind of traffic is essentially free, as you don’t have to pay for advertising to generate it. It’s nothing but the search results delivered by a search engine, for a search query. So, if you can get your website on the first page of Google, you’re done. The only problem is getting there. Targeting low competition keywords could prove useful.

Paid v/s Organic Traffic

1. Although organic traffic is free, it also takes much more time to generate than paid traffic.

2. Paid traffic is dependent on your budget, unlike organic traffic, which is dependent on your Search Engine Optimization skills.

3. Organic search listings can get heavy traffic. But it requires a lot of web promotional efforts. Paid traffic can come instantly if you bid on the right kind of keywords.

4. Websites which pop up through the organic search results get visitors more often than their paid counterparts.

5. Also, there is automatic lead conversion, as far as organic traffic is concerned. But you will have to go that extra mile when it comes to paid traffic.

With that said, organic traffic requires quality content. But once you get the hang of producing it, organic traffic can generate a lot of leads for your business. Writing quality articles can earn you more reputation and you are likely to gain a some followers and even get recommendations.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of both organic and paid traffic. There are also a number of differences between them. It simply depends on how you use them in your search marketing efforts. However, with organic traffic, you won’t blow a hole in your pocket, and will also generate those valuable leads.

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