What is most important in preparing a content calendar?

Revise Content Calendar is your Go for Marketing Drive

What is most important in preparing a content calendar? You can find several content calendar templates and tips from your favorite blogs, however coming up with a plan that will obliterate the competition will have to be tuned to your target audience.

The most important part of creating a calendar is to have it as reinforcement to the overall content plan. As your organization’s content requirement broadens, you will want to include tracks via magazines, podcasts, new blog section or a video series. While you have a commendable team, the question of delivering efficient results while making a content calendar and tracking results by optimizing results past your current content repository is answered with the advanced approach to managing a content calendar.

You can avoid a lot of pain by laying down a single source of the status of progress on multiple content channels. This will help you and your team with the content you use for specific purposes such as brands or nations. Additionally, the calendar increases your traction in re-used content; through metadata for overall content management.

Definition of a Content Calendar.

You hear the term editorial calendar or content calendar interchangeably. But are these two the same?

The term editorial calendar is referred to the publishing industry as a rough list of themes and dates that includes general description used by the sales personals to book advertising in each issue.

This document or list generally contains following particulars:

Issue Date, Ad Close, On Sale, though the publication use more detailed list of what assignment they need to manage their editorial production, similar to the content marketers.

For marketers, the editorial calendar plan is far detailed and of high-level which integrates with an actionable content calendar.

What is the Strategy the content calendar needs;

If you are in need of an advanced calendar, you all ready are familiar with the basic content calendar and how it works. Search for templates for updating your current plan online.

But, in the case you are building an SEO content calendar from the base up to advance level, a good word of advice is to refer to the content marketing plan’ and following; evolve a brand new content approach towards your audience.

A documented content marketing plan ensures that the content team understands why you have the content plan and the purpose of creating the content ie., who you are creating content for. What’s special about your content and where it is going to be published? And, how you are going to measure your success by achieving what goals?

Your content marketing strategy consists of many decisions about details you are going to work on to achieve your brand’s goals. It also decides what them of content you are going to be creating.

Creating a global content editorial calendar to reach the next level in your marketing you have to explore more channels such as print magazines, global blog, global home page, monthly newsletter, global case studies etc.

Initially when the marketers were expanding the content was tracked via separate spreadsheets, but soon the need for a better efficiency made way for a new approach.

A Single Platform for Content Source

Today, a single content calendar can be shared through-out marketing teams or an entire continent. Regardless of how it looks, the spreadsheet work includes notes, a status of schedule for social media etc. Most popular illustration of a content calendar is on the Kanban style boards.

The advanced content calendar includes the following particulars:

• Topic or Headline

• Author

• Owner

• Publishing date

• Status

• Submission date

• Channel

• Format

• Category

• Persona

• And audience or buyer-cycle stage.

Like your initial objective for your content marketing, you will track the relevant data on the content calendar. Similarly, you will have content ID and CMS ID needed to track them.

Importance of content tool:

Integrated content tool means that the team can check whether the dispatched content is in proper queue, and get alerts when the status changes, and see notes all in one place. That is out of the scope of a basic spreadsheet approach. This ensures all content marketer desire a streamlined communication and transparency, in accordance helps to understand the full impact of the content piece.

For an example, any published content such as an article will be noted as used in a particular theme across all platforms such as social media or as a blog!

The team:

You will find it easy to make and arrange an advanced content calendar using the tools, in addition to the spreadsheet you have listed before. It is always a good idea to look for a tool and streamline editorial and work flow.

Making a content calendar you should consider the following things:

Content bias:

Look out for the popular content that is available and what is popular to consume.

Cultural situations:

We generally are aware of the happenings in the masses, however, to have the maximum effect; tune the content around popular cultural events such as holidays and major events.


Many of your best ideas are already present in the previous content archive. Use them, remix them, as you find the use for them or get stuck in brainstorming for more items in the content plan.

For more insights on planning your content refers to the content strategy article in my previous blogs.





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